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size: 3.75 W × 1.50 H × 9.50 L

In most situations, a single-point sling is hard to beat; it gives the shooter freedom of movement, allowing them to aim freely, move quickly and when not in use, push the bow to your side in order to move about and use both hands. Fully adjustable with flexible nylon, the Killer Instinct Single Point Sling includes a picatinny rail mount and quick release buckle for instant detach/connect. Keep your crossbow perfectly balanced with the barrel pointed towards the ground making it easy to grip and shoulder the bow from its resting position. Bungee Nylon Secures and Steadies aim when shouldered, greatly enhancing accuracy without a rest. Highly recommended for all crossbows. 

Fast, Secure Standard Picatinny Rail Mount 

Stretches for Improved Aim and Maneuverability 

Simple, Effortless On/Off Use 

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Written by Lyle G Wollenhaupt on Apr 28th 2020

Its a quality sling to be sure but i am new to the single point set up so im still getting used to it. I think it will work just fine.

Written by Robby Venzon on Feb 16th 2020

Very happy with the way the weight is distributed on my shoulder. Love the wide range of motion I have while having the sling on. The quick release is so convenient.

single point sling
Written by John on Dec 25th 2019

My first time using a single point sling, once I figured out that I needed to move the front hand guard forward and install the sling as close to center of bow as possible , I wasn't a fan of having it, so close to the end of the bow. now not so bad. Lot better than having the butt hanging at your feet if you have to let it go.

Pretty handy
Written by Shaun Jay on Dec 11th 2019

This is been very effective in easing the load from carrying a crossbow, tree stand, and backpack at the same time. Makes sneak hunting much more enjoyable as well

Single point sling
Written by Preston Havens on Dec 6th 2019

I love it. It makes carrying the crossbow and my climber tree stand very easy. Plus the weight of the sling is on your body, rather than your arms as you'd have with a 2 point sling. It's well made and easy to adjust, no complaints so far.

Crossbow sling
Written by Bill Pousson on Nov 27th 2019

Very happy with the sling!

Bow Sling
Written by BW on Nov 2nd 2019

I was skeptical but optimistic when I decided to purchase this tactical style bow sling for my Ripper 415. Installation took less than a minute. The range of adjustment is wide. The effortless front carry design makes it possible to pack in a stand and not have to hand-carry my bow. Not to mention the fact that even loaded down with gear I was able to shoulder my bow with minimal movement, in literally a second, when making the long trek in and out of the woods. The recommended mounting location provides a neutral center of gravity and makes for a very comfortable carry. I would absolutely recommended this product to anyone and everyone. Good job KI.

Single point sling
Written by Daniel Post on Oct 22nd 2019

This sling is very easy to mount, and comfortable

Sling Single Point
Written by Christopher on Oct 22nd 2019

While I am pleased with the quality of the sling I am displeased that the SWAT does not have a place to attach the sling under it. I had to attach it to the front and the sling runs over the string. I haven't fired it with the sling on it because I'm afraid that it might alter my shot. Any suggestions?

Written by PAUL WYCO on Oct 7th 2019

I like the sling ,unfortunately I put it on the wrong side of my ripper 415 when I tried to move it the screw on the attachment stripped and now I am stuck with it thru my forearm which I did not want to do.Overall I think its a good product and you should think before tightening her down.

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