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size: 10.00 W × 6.00 H × 32.00 L

Meet the wicked child among crossbows! The Killer Instinct® RIPPER™ 415 is the ‘maddest of the mad’ when it comes to fast crossbows. Many say ‘Speed Kills’ and that point is tough to argue. The Ripper drives bolts at a heart-pounding 415 feet per second and 149 foot-pounds of kinetic energy! Pair that power with a rugged aluminum shooting rail for extreme ‘sub-1-inch’ accuracy [at 80 yards and beyond], and you have one serious weapon. A narrow, lean and lightweight balanced body that is ready for dead aim at a moment’s notice. The proven 3.5-LB KillerTech™ Trigger is consistent and crisp to aide in long range accuracy. Fully adjustable stock and forearm grip, along with custom rubber shock absorbers, provides the ultimate performance and comfort for any hunter. Amp up your attitude and arsenal with the Ripper 415 from Killer Instinct.

  • SPEED - 415 Feet Per Second
  • TRIGGER - 3.5-LB 
  • WIDTH - 14.25" Cocked/17.75" Uncocked
  • LENGTH - 35"-36.5"
  • WEIGHT - 6.9-LB
  • DRAW WT - 200-LB
  • POWER STROKE - 15"
  • CAMO - Chaos AE


CNC-Enhanced aluminum flight rail offers extremely accurate downrange accuracy 
Features inch-and-a-half of shooter adjustment for custom comfort
149 FOOT-POUNDS of generated kinetic energy is capable of knocking down the biggest and strongest game

LUMIX 4 x 32 IR-W Scope, (3) HYPR  Bolts w/ Field Points, Dead Silent String Suppressors, 5-Bolt Quiver, Rope Cocker and one Stick of Rail Lube

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very powerful and accurate
Written by Joseph Petrucco on Oct 11th 2020

I love my 415 Ripper. I have taken four deer with mine now and it is working perfectly. It is incredibly accurate and powerful. It has also been very durable too. This last week it took a 6 foot fall when my tree stand lift rope snapped on the way down. It bent the front foot hold and that was it! I didn't even have to sight it in again! It works so well that I set my shots up for 50 yards now instead of the traditional 20 for bowhunting. This allows me to hunt from the ground more and scent and sound issues are much less of a problem. I love this crossbow!

Killer Instinct Ripper 415 crossbow
Written by Mike Roe on Sep 27th 2020

Extremely pleased with my experience yesterday was the first day of bow season for whitetail in Ohio, this crossbow was very accurate very powerful easy hold light enough that carrying was never an issue. I recommend some sold broadheads. Day one of the season mike 1 deer 0. Thank you everyone at Killer instinct, for designing one of the best crossbows I've ever purchased.

Ripper 415
Written by Stephen Powell on Aug 14th 2020

Awesome bow!! Shoots smooth and fast!! Had a small issue with scope but their excellent customer service is on it! Highly recommend Killer Instinct!

Ripper 415
Written by STEPHANIE on Aug 14th 2020

I’m impressed with killer so far. Shipping was quick,now is great. Only hang up was the scope was shaded Couldn’t get it to clear up or sharpen. But i emailed them & told them the problem & there sending another. So customer service is great,that wasn’t there fault & they took care of it immediately! Thanks fellas n ladies. Vote Trump!!!

Limb Cracked
Written by Jack on Aug 3rd 2020

Tack driver of a bow but the limb cracked with around 50 shots. To killer Instincts credit great customer service and no questions ask with replacement parts. Still a little concerned with the amount of shots taken to have this problem already.

Written by Darryl Albright on Jul 30th 2020

I've been wanting to try bow hunting for years so I did a lot of research to find the best crossbow for under $1000 and found the killer instinct ripper. Out of the box the bow looks good and feels even better . I broke my back in a very bad accident two years ago, so I thought I was going to have trouble cocking the bow , with my injury and to my surprise it was easy to do. This is my first crossbow and I have fallen in love with it I'll always buy from killer instinct the best crossbow for the money Thanks Killer instinct for making a affordable and effective bow lifetime customer. With the exception to the bolts the bolts cracked after only firing three times please do better with bolts that com in the box. Life time customer Darryl Ervin Albright

Written by Josh Funnell on May 18th 2020

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Nice bow
Written by Noah justice on May 16th 2020

Got this bow a week ago it’s very nice draw isn’t bad it’s lightning fast scope that comes with it isn’t bad took only 4 shots to be zeroed with broadheads first shot was with the field tips that come with it and was dead on seems a little heavier than 6.9 lbs but still comfortable really like this one a lot can’t wait for deer season

Riper415 order
Written by Jared Pierce on May 12th 2020

Looks like a nice crossbow. Easy to assemble. Only thing, I didn’t receive the 5 bolts or the deep stop bolt that was in the special at the time of order. Please advise. Thanks

Great customer service, but fix the product
Written by Tim on Dec 22nd 2019

The broken limbs are always replaced, but why so many broken limbs to begin with. I'd rather pay a little more money if it would mean higher quality limbs!

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