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Be fast, be destructive, be LETHAL with the power of 405 crushing feet per second! The rugged and ultra-tough Lethal 405 is designed to stand up to the demands of hardcore hunters and produce serious firepower with every shot. The lightweight frame has a comfortable fit that is easy to aim and shoulder with an over molded grip and adjustable X-Lok forearm piece. The included 4x32 scope extends your shooting range with multiple aiming points on the reticle! Integrated rubber suppressors for stealthy performance and premium Hypr Lite carbon crossbolts for improved accuracy guarantee a crossbow package that’s worthy of your trust in the field. The Killer Instinct Lethal 405 produces high-performance results so you can focus on the hunt!

  • SPEED - 405 Feet Per Second
  • TRIGGER - 3.5-LB 
  • WIDTH - 14.75" Cocked//18.75" Uncocked
  • LENGTH - 34.5"
  • WEIGHT - 7.2-LB
  • DRAW WT - 210-LB
  • POWER STROKE - 14.5"
  • CAMO - Brown Stock//True Timber Strata Camo Limbs

Fast shooting 405 feet per second power

Custom rubber shock absorbers reduce noise and vibration for increased stealth and performance

Ultra-light composite stock is comfortable and easy-to-maneuver 

Adjustable on full length picatinny rail offers custom comfort with multiple holding options. 

Accepts Killer Instinct DSC Dead Silent Crank

4 x 32 (non illuminated) Scope, Rope Cocker, String Suppressors, 3-Bolt Quiver, (3) HYPR Lite Bolts and Field Tips, Stick of Rail Lube

Included to cover standard, non-wearable parts for the life of the crossbow to the original registered owner.

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fantastic product
Written by Yvette Wang on Dec 15th 2021

This crossbow is amazing, with stably shot and good quality, i am still using it after one year, LOVE THIS PRODUCT

Lethal 405
Written by Tony Tolosi on Sep 30th 2021

Excellent crossbow. Reliable, durable and very consistent. When I target practice I need to aim at different targets because I been destroying my bolt for the previous shot. Equipped with the picatinny rail so you can put whatever sight you would like, but the one it is issued with is fine. I've taken 3 deer with this set up and all shots went straight through deep into the dirt. Incredible energy this setup provides. I've been out with the guys who have spent ridiculous $ on their stuff that has failed them. $ for $ this thing blows them away. Only issue is, cocking position is easy to confuse with the appropriate position. But that is really on the user as the manual describes. I've waited 2 season before writing this review for perspective.

lethal 405
Written by jim on Feb 22nd 2021

first crossbow. seen it in rural king ad while black Friday shopping for $179 and knew i couldn't get into bow hunting any cheaper. scope isn't illuminated but think i prefer it not to be. it's clear enough to where i can't complain at all for shooting at bow yardage. practiced with it at night and still shot under 1" inch no problem. after zeroing it i will not shoot at the same spot on target multiple for fear of robinhood and breaking bolts. i can hold under 1/2" @20yds ave close to 1" @50yds. you can't beat 405fps for under $200 anywhere even buying used equipment. absolutely satisfied with my crossbow and will probably stop fireman hunting. (I shoot precision rifle at 1k all the time so hunting seems like cheating now)

lethal 405
Written by Arkansas hunter on Sep 23rd 2020

love the crossbow. This is my first crossbow. It is way faster than my diamond infinate edge compound bow. At first I thought the scope really sucked but there is a YouTube video on how to adjust it. After adjusting it, it really isn't that bad. You have to remove the front lense ring and it screws out like a shotgun choke tube. Plus the ring at the rear has adjustment plus the eyepiece. So I have my scope about 95%clear at 50 yds. This crossbow is fast and accurate. I have a sub 1" group at 40 yds but thats shooting off a rest. This Saturday sept 26th is opening day of bow season in my state so I'm going to see what this lethal 405 can do. I just wish there were more reviews on this crossbow. Also you( killer instinct) should put a video out on the performance with mechanical and fixed blade broadheads in 100 grain and heavier, it could help out alot.

Written by Sanya on Sep 19th 2020

It's great for the price the scope is terrible and it makes a squealing noise when cocking it.

Leathal 405
Written by Lee Rybak on Sep 13th 2020

Very happy with this product... shoots straight and fast... one issue with scope that came with it, company replaced in 3 days... great customer service

Great crossbow
Written by Justin Foote on Sep 10th 2020

This crossbow is awesome and the customer service is even better! You will not find a better crossbow especially in this price range. I have been hunting for over 15 years and this company stands by their product and customer service is top notch! Thanks killer instinct!

Lethal 405
Written by Steve on Sep 5th 2020

Bought it yesterday had it at the range today couldn’t get the scope it came with to focus so I put a true glo on it and I am very pleased with it. Bone crushing power and deadly accurate out to 50 yards. White tails beware love my new toy. Cannot beat this bow for the money

In Limbo
Written by G. SCOTT BARHAM on Aug 11th 2020

I got the Lethal 405 three days ago. Upon opening the box, there should have been a pamphlet for the scope, there was not. What I thought was a focus knob actually was a dial for the illuminated scope. I turned the knob forward and backward for hundreds of clicks, thinking it would focus scope....which had blurry cross hairs. The crossbow was supposed to come with a non-illuminated scope. I'm happy Killer Instinct upgraded me to an illuminated scope but I could not get scope to focus. After figuring out over the phone with Killer Instinct that they sent me the upgraded illuminated scope and the knob I was turning was not a focus knob but an illumination knob, I was pleased they upgraded me but pamphlet should have been included. That's fine as that is what I agreed to purchase initially (non-illuminated scope). Great Customer Service. I was happy...but when I tried to focus with the Fast Focus knob, the Fast Focus knob would fall out of the scope barrel just about the time it was going to come in focus. Anyways, I had the scope "close" to focus and thought I would shoot a few bolts. Upon trying to cock the crossbow, in the Fire position, the string would not catch. I called Killer Instinct this morning and they referred me to Greg. I left a detailed message about string not catching and also left an email to the company about the string not catching when cocking . I'm still awaiting a response. I'll post again when problems are solved or issue a stern warning to future buyers. Lifetime Warranty is great, Customer Service so far is great except I'm waiting to shoot my brand new crossbow because my string won't catch. I'm like a kid at XMAS but can't play with my toys, It's killing me!

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