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size: 4.25 W × 3.00 H × 6.25 L

Quick post-and-socket attachment specifically for Killer Instinct Crossbows including - Ripper 415, KI350, KI360, KI365, CHRGD 330. All machined construction. Ambidextrous crank handle.


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Written by Doug on Jun 28th 2020

Works fine with my 415 Ripper.

Written by Justin Gaglio on Jun 24th 2020

I had a great experience using the Crank cocker. I tried it in a tree stand and in different positions where I shoot. I found to be quiet and smooth was the best way to describe it. Definitely was worth the buy .

Written by Adam Homminga on Jun 17th 2020

works great for the 415 ripper easy to use quick easy to put on and take off. A kind of loud

Written by Philip on Jan 10th 2020

This is a great tool for the crossbow.

Ki hand cocker
Written by Jason Christman on Jan 6th 2020

Works very well Well designed

Crank cocker
Written by Leonard Higdon on Dec 26th 2019

The crank cocker is light weight and installation is very simple. It is a little noisy when cranking and has to be removed before shooting unless I am not using it properly.

cranker handle
Written by john mattie on Nov 28th 2019

lost handle on a hunting trip.can i get another handle? b review

Crank Cocker
Written by Tony on Oct 29th 2019

This crank cocker is well built, however, the strings get tangled up easily and it is a little awkward to get it to release freely after cocking. I would also like to have seen this store on the Crossbow.

Hand Crank
Written by Charles Francis on Oct 22nd 2019

Makes loading the crossbow easy , I switched to crossbow after my shoulder wouldn't allow me to hold a bow at full draw very long . Same problem loading a 200LB crossbow this crank save the day . Read the directions in the box the online video isn't right .

KI Crank Cocker
Written by Mike Rickard on Sep 6th 2019

Works very well on my Ripper 415, 200 lb. draw is rough on an Ol Man. This makes it very easy. I love it. Killer Instinct is the way to go in crossbows.

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