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size: 2.00 W × 26.50 H × 1.00 L

At the end of a hunt, safely unload your crossbow without worrying about damaging one of your hunting bolts. The DEADSTOP™ decocking point is composite molded around Ultra-Dense Stainless Steel to withstand repeated ground impact from today’s high-powered crossbows. Dual-Tier Stop Ring design slows down velocity and stops the bolt instantly from burrowing in the ground. Highly Visible Reflective wrap and bright florescent vanes make DeadStop™ Decocking Bolt easy-to-find when discharging after dark. Keep the DeadStop™ bolt stashed in your quiver for a safe and easy way to unload your crossbow.


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Decocking bolt
Written by Clay Inman on Sep 19th 2020

Awesome for decocking

Decocking bolt
Written by Mike on Mar 10th 2020

Used it once and it broke. Followed instructions and that was the end of that.

Written by Kevin on Jan 21st 2020

Quality product, good price.

Written by Bryan Monique on Dec 25th 2019

Exactly what it is described as. Much better than using a "designated arrow " with blunt tip.

Written by Roger on Sep 27th 2019

Saves on ruining any of your hunting bolts

Written by Richard McGregor on Sep 17th 2019

Great product. Just wonder why it's 22 inches instead of 20?

Decocking bolt
Written by Shawn Smith on Jul 28th 2019

Nice to have a bolt made for the job to shoot off the bow after the hunt no need to worry about trashing one of your hunting bolts shooting in the ground

Dead stopcocking bolt
Written by Aaron on Jul 23rd 2019

At the end of the day I used to just bring a target and shoot my bolt into the target. My budy bought me one. This is easier. But I leave it in the truck so I can have an extra bolt in my quiver. Always realease your crossbow at the end of the day.

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