CONNEKT™ ICS (Integrated Cocking System)

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size: 10.63 W × 2.36 H × 8.66 L


Only compatible with Killer Instinct Models - Original Machine (Bone Collector), Furious 370, Furious 370 Michael Waddell Edition & Furious 370 FRT.

Super-compact, lightweight, quiet and streamlined crank cocking winch.  Easy keyhole attachment system for simple on/off installation.  The Connekt™ ICS includes a removable handle and weighs less than 9 OZ.  1.5”H x 2.75”W


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Connekt crank
Written by Frederic Fleischman II on May 20th 2020

Love how small it is. Just doesn't fit the older model of the machine. I also like the fact it can stay on the stock. Can't wait to try it as soon as my dad sends it in to you and gets it back.

Bow crank
Written by peter anderton on Oct 9th 2019

This is a product that takes time to get used to. It is a little bit hard to get the crank orr. I would like an option for it to be dead silent. Also you have to be careful which side the of the stops the ropes are on. If they are below it creates an issue. If the pullers are out on upside down it creates a big issue to get them off. It is easy to assemble.

Written by MARK A on Sep 7th 2019

I ordered this direct from Killer Instinct and it arrived within a few days. It was easy to install (follow the directions) and came with the necessary hardware and even included the needed tools to install. The ICS interfaces with the standard cocking lug using a keyhole slot and one screw to hold it in place. Using this as a mounting point was good thinking on KI's part as it is rock solid. The downside is that if for some reason you want to use the old manual cocking method, (lost the crank, broke the unit, ect) the ICS would need to be removed. Using the unit is pretty straightforward. Hook it up and turn the crank. It is surprisingly quiet and sounds much like a ratchet or gear wrench. The hooks store neatly out of the way when not in use. Overall, I'm happy with my purchase and would recommend the ICS.

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