RIPPER 415 Named As 2018 'Great Buy' From Outdoor Life®

RIPPER 415 Named As 2018 'Great Buy' From Outdoor Life®

Killer Instinct®, a leading manufacturer of performance crossbows and crossbow accessories, is proud to announce the RIPPER 415 has been recognized as Outdoor Life Magazine’s “Great Buy” crossbow selection in the publications annual archery review. Revealed in January, the RIPPER 415 has been turning heads with its heart-pounding 415 FPS speed, overall quality, performance and $379 price point.

“With the Ripper 415 we set out to build an extremely powerful and accurate crossbow with uncompromised, affordable quality”, says Scott Lee, VP Product Development & Marketing for Killer Instinct. “It is an honor to have Outdoor Life® recognize Killer Instinct with ‘Great Buy’ and ‘Best Value’ awards in 2018 and 2016 respectively. Dealers and consumers are definitely taking notice as well with raving reviews after shooting the Ripper.”
The Outdoor Life team tested new-for-2018 crossbow models and held them all to the same standards – comparing price, features, performance and function. The RIPPER 415 was announced as the ‘fastest, hardest-hitting crossbow in the test’ and also averaged 1.13-inch groups when shot, making it one of the better shooters of the test too.

The RIPPER 415 features a CNC enhanced aluminum flight rail, adjustable butt stock for improved shooter fit, a PRO Package (Illuminated Multi Reticle Scope, 3 Bolts, Quiver, Rope Cocker and Barrel Lube) and a limited Lifetime Warranty. At a $379 MSRP, the RIPPER 415 costs $180 less than the nearest competition in the test.

About Killer Instinct® Crossbows by MSCKI, LLC:

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